Five Ideas For Customizing a Privacy Fence

Homeowners who want the privacy these days have plenty of options for fences. Tips about combining a different styles fence you will find in this article. Before selecting which fence you want for your home, take a look at neighbor fence designs. You will notice that some of most attractive designs combine elements several fence styles. By combining fence styles that you like, you can create a unique fence for your home.

Here’s are a few tips for customizing your privacy fence:

Basic Privacy Fence

A standard fence is usually made of cedar and features tightly-fitted boards and measures 6 ft in high. The top is generally level for a smooth, even appearance. One approach to add enthusiasm to an essential fence is to utilize dog-eared boards, which will result in a unique pattern along the top. You can likewise explore different avenues regarding distinctive board widths or exchanging board heights.

Picture Frame Fence

The picture frame fence is an increasingly enhancing variety of privacy fencing. Its name originates from the vertical posts and level rails that outline the section of fencing. The framing includes both appeal and open doors for customization. You can choose the board height, the quantity of boards each frame will contain and whether the edge and boards will coordinate. You can likewise embellish an image frame fence with extra wood trim.


Wooden fences have been a well known decision for fencing for a really long time. Durable and elegant, wood fences mix in with a natural scene pleasantly. Furthermore, contingent upon which sort of timber is utilized, wood fencing can be exceptionally cheap. Wood fences can arrive in a wide range of styles and can be painted any color you need. Wood, not at all like steel fencing, is an alternative for individuals looking for a touch of privacy. A wooden fence can be totally deterred or have various spaces whose proportion of width and height can be dictated by what level of privacy a homeowner wants.

Good Neighbor Fence

Another well known interpretation of privacy fencing is a good neighbor fence. A good neighbor fence is build like that to look same on the both sides. This is very handy when you need to share fence with a neighbor. No one will have bad side, both sides will be same.

Semi-Privacy Fence

There are homeowners that doesn’t want to feel closed. They will probably choose a semi-privacy fence. They are not same heights as a normal fence, they are shorter, and they usually have small space between boards. By customizing the gap width and board heights you can create a unique design.

With so many different type of fences, there is no need that your fence look monotonous or to be same as your neighbor fence. Combine different styles, don’t let the fear to stop you to create a unique design.

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